Monday, May 17, 2010

Cap and Trade

Reflection Story of Cap & Trade by Annie Leonard

Before watching this video, like the normal persons I did not know allot on climate change and UN proposed concepts of stopping or slowing down climate change, this video reflection has educate me on the current system in place for the future to save the world.

After learning allot about sustainability and undertaking the ecological footprint test we know that the world as we know it will change in the worst possible way if we do not stop and take a look around and realise that we are harming mother earth. We started the industrial revelation, we started using fossil fuel, we started to pollute our air, we started to pollute our waters and then should we be surprise that every day more and more people die of starvation because of failed farmlands because of drought, floods and the increasing numbers of natural disaster.

Like Annie Leonard mention “We need to pay back our ecological debt” and “the important first step is to create a clean economy” after watching this I have no faith in our current government in stopping climate change all they have done is hire greedy people whose only sole motivation is profit to create a “three trillion dollars bubble that could take down everything” and yes that everything is our world and our lives.

The carbon trading scheme that is proposed by the UN hasn’t even been finalised yet, governments around the world cannot agree to the term of the scheme. I see how the carbon scheme work and yes most of the governments participating has their heart to solving this issue but it’s not a perfect plan with loop holes and flows that can be exploited by selfish others .

For once “Cheating can end the world” the videos gives us example of how manufacturing demands and the corporate world can exploit this scheme and how this scheme can backfire against us.

I also realise how we as humans are dependent on fossil fuels to survive in this world, what happen when fossil fuels run out. Today fossil fuel decline has cause wars disguise as political agenda. “No law encouraging the use of coal can stop climate change period” we must plan our strategy to decrease our use of fossil fuel and eventually cease in using them.

“The good thing is once we understand the system; we start to see allot of places to step in and fix the problem and find the solutions” Cmon people we can do this, we change the world as we know it and we can give our children a better world to live in what we need to do is to create a;
· solid cap
· strong laws
· Carbon fees.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mizuhiki, Japanese Knotting Art

The art of Mizuhiki goes back to 7th century Japan the paper knotting was used to tie samurai hair. The paper craft brand OEY has taken that art and applied it to modern table ware and launched their new collection at Milan Design Week.

The designers for this has came up with paper rings, chopsticks, and napkin holders which come in an assortment of beautiful rich colors, each handmade from paper and silk.
This could be an interesting product for last year class for Rina, exhancing your dining experience..

Lighty Umbrella

This product would be quite usefull during a disaster where all the power are cut off.. I can just imagine hundreds of this umbrella being used in the dark, would be quite and awesome sight.. an art in its own right..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Liquid Mountaineering-runs on water

sick as new sport... running on water.. I wanna try

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Design for disaster- Floodlit

This is the final design for design for disaster product, my selected natural disaster is flood.
Floodlit is a floating road marker to be used in slow on-set flood water in developing country for this project focusing directly in Indonesia.Floodlit uses 4 high intensity LED to light up and mark hazards during a flood, the product is placed by the Indonesian army to prevent travellers getting into hazards on the road such as- submerged debris, potholes, riverbed, chemical spills etc.
It can also be used as a traffic guide to help travellers out of affected area and into safety, evacuation point or medical centers.Floodlit main design is to adjust to the changing water level, it uses a spring loaded recoil pulley system in order to adjust to the rising and decreasing water level, floodlit also uses traditional anchor used in marine industry to anchor to the ground ( can be changeable depending on conditions)

Bellow is my rationale- Feel free to read it and comments

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Project 1- Design for disaster flood reflection

Looking back at the start of this project seems so long ago when we were given that briefs by the tutor, we have learnt a lot along the way from Mar’s lecture, the video reflection task and by challenging our self for this project.

After much discussion our group chose to design for flood disaster, it is a common disaster that strikes all nations of the world both developed and developing countries. However the effects of this disaster are more devastating to 3rd world countries as they lack in proper sewage systems, emergency service, technology and medical supplies.

Flood is a disaster that has always been a part of my life having brought up in Indonesia till I was 9 and when I often do return there was always some form of floods. Indonesia experiences a lot of flood due to its urban area, lack of warning system, poor sewage system and flood prevention.
Having some firsthand personal experience with floods in Indonesia I’ve concentrated my product design focusing on seasonal slow on-set floods that occur in Indonesia and to other developing countries with similar situation as Indonesia. Designing for floods takes me back to recounting personal experience about flood and its hazards back home.

Deconstructing the disaster into the four stages of prevention, preparedness, response, and reconstruction and deciding the best way to help Indonesian society to tackle the problems.
After undertaken personal research on floods, asking family members on flood info, data and interviewing them in depth about floods short term and long term effects, its hazards and the Indonesian response system, I have decided to design a product for the response stages in assisting affected victims, rescue victims, and most importantly makes the disaster areas safe.

This project turns out to be very emotional and challenging, as a designer we while researching for information we put our self in the mindset of the victims and the horrific suffering that they were force to experience. This project also tests our understanding as a designer and a human being because we are designing a product that can save lives! How our decision on certain aspects of our design can change their life.

Another point that was in the back of my mind while designing for project is to incorporate everything we have learned on this course especially focus on this semester which is to balance function and sustainability of the product that will hopefully adds to society and not to the land pit.

Below is some picture of victims of Flood disaster:

This is why its important to design something that is useful and helps society in time of disaster!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Kickboxing couch

Ahhhh finally a topic that is very close to my heart... Kickboxing
wish have one of this in my lounge room...
i wonder how hard the backing would be to stand punches and kicks..